Turn: 30 (DISABLED) Players: 22
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Anyone fancy a speed game?

Posted by Muffinman - 15th November 2022

Good news! We are pleased to announce a speedgame starting 19th Nov 2022 (midday) and running until Sunday evening.

The aim of this speedgame will be to test changes to pop growth, and the combat tweaks.

Turns will start at 30s, rising to 1 minute at around turn 600.

Please report any bugs you find on the issue tracker linked above.

We hope you all enjoy the round!

P.S. We are scheduling more regular speedgames and minigames, with the estimated dates below (subject to change):

Start Date End Date Turn Length
12PM 19/11/2022 6PM 20/11/2022 30s (rising to 1 min)
12PM 03/12/2022 6PM 04/12/2022 30s (rising to 1 min)
7PM 09/12/2022 7PM 08/01/2023 10min